Hello Newbies. Basic DYOR Tools You Could Use.

DYOR is the common sentiment shared by everyone here.

These are some of the tools that I use when I’m see a coin being shilled that would help me into making a decision on my bi-monthly DCA/Coins consolidation.

These are some basic sites I go to aside from Coingecko / Coinmarketcap-


1. **Understanding Market Sentiment:** [](
The purpose of understanding market sentiment is understand how the market is either Strongly Selling/Strongly Buying. Some folks find it better to sell when the market is Strongly Buying to fetch a good return on spot trade, but everyone does have their own strategy. I’m keeping tabs on this one just for my amusement and taking notes how the market is reaction during this turbulence period.
2. **Understanding The Job Done (Partial) Through GitHub (Some are outdated, be wary)**
[]( / GitHub
A good project goes a long way, but not all work done are made equal. It’s important to have a project in the works. This is one of the possible indicators you could use to make sure the team you’re hodling for are doing something relevant to their promised road-map. However, it is important to highlight that some information are outdated, and it is best to do your own desktop research and triangulate your findings. Some of the work done on GitHub are not reflected here on CryptoMiso.
3. **Understanding the Hypothetical Situation of (If X Coin is at Y Coin’s Market Cap…)**
This is suitable to understand the feasibility of a coin reaching X USD in value. The parabolic run certain coins had that saw its value increasing by tenfold or more last year drove the FOMO mentality. However, there are some realistic projects that does not have the branding nor marketing – and this site would help you to evaluate the possibility and scale of a coin based on their key indicators such as market cap, and coins circulations.
4. **Understanding the Whale’s Concentration, and other indicators**
Amongst other indicators available on this website, I find the Whale’s concentration to be rather interesting. I was searching for a site that highlighted the ratio of transaction sizes, and this is as close as I could get so far. I am still looking for a site (Paid or Free) that would show the size of transactions through (Big, Median, Small) transaction sizes. There are other indicators that you might find useful here too, I bet.


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  1. Awesome information, unfortunately one thing I have learned after being in the crypto community for 6+ years is that a token/coin could have the absolute most incredibly tech in the world, fulfills a major gap, but still gets lapped behind a memecoin like doge.

  2. I recommend that if youre new to trading, just hodl on a ledger and simulate trades until your comfortable. Too easy to get emotional and destroy your life savings.

    For those who have some experience, I think these are great tools and thanks for sharing!

  3. Something I think is important and often overlooked: don’t overwhelm yourself trying to research 50 projects a day. Pick one that you are really interested in, then research it until you’re confident that it’s either a good play or it isn’t.

    After that, move on to the next one if you’re so inclined.

  4. Don’t forget: listen to the most shilled coin in the daily thread and ignore it for a week thinking it’s a shitcoin. Wait to see it 3x and FOMO in at peak thinking it’s the next Eth. Lose 70% of your money and leave crypto thinking its a scam.



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