Help! First time sending Bitcoin…Lost???

Hey guys I sent $500 worth of BTC to my Cash App wallet from a personal Wallet App and it has been 2 hours without any sight of it in my cash app account. This is the Transactions ID it shows 0 confirmations. What’s going on ELI5 please? Thanks in advanced!


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  1. 0 confirmations means it hasn’t been mined yet. Relax and grab a beer.

    5.7 sats/byte is a low fee. I haven’t looked at the mempool today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it took until the weekend for this to go through.

  2. Please read up on Bitcoin and how it works before sending big amounts… Bitcoin transaction will get confirmed by miners. They can only included a set amount of transactions in a block (10 minutes).

    If the number of transactions per minute exceeds the number of transaction that can be confirmed per minute, miners will pick the transactions with the highest fee.

    What does this mean for you? Your transaction was sent with a very low fee and won’t be confirmed any time soon. Don’t worry, your coins won’t move until confirmed. If you want to speed up the transaction you can use RBF.

  3. Does your personal cash ap wallet you sent to support btc ? And also how did you input the code ? Usually what happens when you just highlight and copy and paste it doesn’t pick up everything or pick up a space at the end . Happened to me and I lost like 1000 tron coins I had not much money tho



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