Help with $BTC Transaction, please assist

Hey everyone, if someone could please assist me, as I have transferred some $BTC to a friends wallet, and it has been 5 hours now and the transaction has still not been completed or processed at. Usually when I complete a transaction it is near instant, this is worrying me. Please assist, much appreciated.

Transaction Link:

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  1. Don’t worry. It takes some time to process the transaction, depending on the fee amount you chose.

    Higher fee = higher incentive to mine block = faster transaction.

    Lower fee = lost in chain and takes a while until less valuable blocks are ahead of it.

    Just check to confirm the address you sent it to is indeed correct, and if it is, just wait. It will arrive eventually, unless you intentionally chose a VERY low of “0” fee.

  2. Hash rate dropped considerably due to China blackouts (power drops), it takes more time to mine one block, therefore more transactions queuing between the blocks, therefore more expensive



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