Here is the plan to get lawmakers on the record opposing the bad cryptocurrency provisions in the infrastructure bill

*TL;DR: The House is scheduled to vote on the infrastructure bill this Thursday 9/30. This is a crucial opportunity to get as many lawmakers on the record in support of a #DontKillCrypto fix as possible. Contact your reps at* [******]([***/#scoreboard***](

This Thursday, September 30, is when the House plans to vote on an infrastructure package the Senate already passed. Buried inside the package are unworkable cryptocurrency provisions that [**threaten the rights of software developers**]( and [**undermine human rights and free expression.**](

This harmful provision led to major political action in the decentralized tech community, driving unprecedented numbers of calls to lawmakers that resulted in a heroic, bipartisan effort to get it fixed. Despite overwhelming support, the Amendment failed at the last minute, basically due to a process technicality related to obscure Senate rules. But now, we have a huge opportunity to get more lawmakers on the record in support of policies protecting cryptocurrency innovation, privacy, and human rights. 

At this point we are unlikely to affect the outcome of the broader infrastructure package vote, but the good news is that both Democrats and Republicans in the House have already said they want to take common sense action similar to [**the Wyden amendment**]( to fix the provision. So, we need to demand that everyone voting on the infrastructure bill also publicly commits to helping fix the crypto provision. They can do so by issuing a statement, tweeting #DontKillCrypto like [**Rep Khanna**](, or signing a letter like the one from [**Rep Eshoo**]( or from [**Reps Emmer, Soto, David, and Foster**]( 

Here’s what to do:

**EVERYONE:** Use our scoreboard at [****]( to see if your rep has made a public commitment. If they haven’t, use our easy tools to contact your rep now. If they reply to you, help us keep the scorecard current by emailing [****]( Then, make sure your friends and collaborators do the same by the morning of September 30.

**IF YOU RUN A PROJECT, CHANNEL, OR SOCIAL ACCOUNT WITH REACH:** Drive traffic to [****]( — ask your audience to take 5 minutes to find their representative on the scoreboard and contact them before the vote. Activate mailing lists, go live, and ask that in this crucial moment the crypto community makes their voices heard.

This is a golden opportunity to get our reps on the record. Once they join the momentum for a bipartisan fix, our reps are committed to moving that fix forward either through a future budget bill, or standalone legislation. The crypto coalition can grow, and that’s what we need for a decentralized future. 

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