History Lesson about Exploits and Bugs and quantum computers FUD

On August 15th **2010**, Jeff Garzik discovered in block 74,638 that an unknown entity exploited a value overflow **bug** in **Bitcoin‘s** code. This allowed the attacker to create over 184 billion **bitcoin** amongst 3 addresses, well beyond the 21 million supply cap

Within five hours of the discovery, Satoshi Nakamoto published a new version of the Bitcoin client (0.3.10) with a fix that contained a soft fork. Network participants would soon pivot over to this new client and soft fork; by block height 74,691, they rejected the overflow transactions and adopted the β€œgood” blockchain.

But in doing so, the network essentially made previously-valid blocks, which included the exploited transactions, invalid. Though the community achieved social consensus on which chain to roll back to, rollbacks have received much criticism both inside and outside the Bitcoin community. The criticism stems from the implications of rollbacks, such as a revision of history, censored transactions, loss of funds, a higher likelihood for double spends, etc.

However, at this stage in Bitcoin’s life, the bug was perceived more as a growing pain. The price of bitcoin would jump from ~$0.07 and hit an all-time-high of nearly $0.40 later that year.source : [](

So if quantum computers managed To crack some keys … and i think that’s way down the list of quantum computer use , since we will see launched nukes without authorisation and reactors going critical … infrastructures being crippled before Btc is hacked .we will collectively decide that the exploited Blocks are invalid and hardfork to the valid chain with a better encryption , and the chance of that happening in our life time is very thin .as Devs will fix that way before it even happens .Now Stop posting about 20 posts about FUD Shorts are gonna get wiped exit while you can thank you .

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