History will remember that Google failed to be an early cryptocurrency adopter… or even supporter.

PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft (accepted crypto payment for years), Amazon (rumoured to be working on its own crypto project.) etc etc

The list of tech firms that have displayed real support or interest towards crypto is grown yet Google (although some search results have been changing) has been almost non-existent.

In fact there’s been many occasions that Google has done the exact opposite.

In the their 2018 rewind round up of the year, Bitcoin was amongst one of the most searched terms however instead of featuring it… they left it out.

They also banned crypto ads and there was speculation of the shadowbanning YouTube channels etc.

Dispite being one of the most searched terms which Google has profited from there has been almost zero public support.. not even a Google Doodle for bitcoin halving day or 10 year anniversary despite many Redditors trying to drum up campaigns for them to do so.

Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.. no comment

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s opinion on Bitcoin or crypto… Unknown although his son was apparently mining ETH.

As a leading tech firm I think its important for history to note that Google was not even at the table during this revolution… let alone a pioneer.


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