Hodl Bitcoin – Cathie Wood Warns of “A Doozy Market Correction”

Hodl Bitcoin – Cathie Wood Warns of “A Doozy Market Correction”

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  1. It’s true. A lot of what investment people say boils down to “it’s either going up or down.” However, the advice she gives is solid, common sense stuff. Holding cash and buying the bottom? Absolutely.

  2. Stocks always climb a wall of worry

    If the government keeps printing more money and handing it out, then the things that will do well – stocks, real estate, gold, bitcoin – and to a lesser extent – art, silver, rare cars, and other collectibles

  3. There’s no such thing as a correction in the price of Bitcoin. The market price precisely reflects it’s degree of merchant acceptance rather than it’s real value. PayPal, Tesla, investment banks, payment processors, they’re all jumping in with big plans for acceptance in the near future. This is why the price has more the quadrupled over the last four months. I expect more companies to follow suit over this and the next several years. So, unless some iron-fisted regulations cause everyone to drop everything and abandon their Bitcoin dreams, the price will only go up.

  4. Well duh. The majority of ppl know it will come. They kept trying to under Pres Trump but he didn’t allow it to happen. Now, after fraud, The puppet Biden is in and will continue their destruction of the American middle class. Eventually, all will see

  5. I think crypto is heading for a big dip. It’s only real value is in confidence. The stock market has become a huge bubble and when it bursts all bets are off. When consumer confidence collapses so will Bitcoin. Watch for a rise in T- Bill prices in the midterm as a signal. IMO!!



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