Holochain (HOT)

Hi guys,

I have been hearing a lot about holochain these days, the price of the hot token has risen by ~300% in two weeks.

I see that it has a huge potential with lot of applications already using holochain for their apps.

What’s holochain?

In simple words its aws version of crypto.
People can host their applications on holoports decentralized, cost efficient and faster. And the hosts recieve money in forms of holofuel.

A lot of apps including [orion]( and [kizuna]( etc are using holochain for secured data.

They recently received an US patent as well for their concept which is great.

I am soo positive about this project. Wanted to know if any one else had done invested in hot? And what are your thoughts in long term?

Note: its a long term coin and not a pump dump….


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  1. There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about Holo and Holochain, so I want to clarify a few things.

    >What’s holochain? In simple words its aws version of crypto.

    Holochain is not like Amazon Web Services. What OP is referring to is Holo, which is a hosting infrastructure built on Holochain to serve p2p apps to the web. I should note that Holochain has no native currency. It is just a framework for building apps, and it is free and open source. HOT is the token for Holo.

    >A lot of apps including [orion]( and [kizuna]( etc are using holochain

    Kizuna is building on Holochain, and many others as well, but Orion switched to building on Elrond because of delays with Holochain. They have said they still have a very positive relationship with the team and will resume their plans to build with Holochain once it is more mature.

    >They recently received an US patent

    People can understandably be concerned when they hear talk of patents. So to be clear, the patent is purely defensive, to prevent individuals or companies from making patent troll claims that might interfere with open-source development. Holochain is and will always be free and open-source, and the patent will be transferred to the Holochain Foundation, which is a non-profit. More here: [](



What do you think?


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