(hot & cold) wallets with good random number generators (for private keys)?

hi all,

i’m watching Gary Gensler’s MIT class on blockchain tech (which is a good overview & you can find it on youtube – here’s the third class; [](

in the third lesson he’s talking about private keys and he mentions how not all random number generators are equal (& that a good random number generator is essential for a solid private key).

so my question is, assuming that Gary is correct in the above, which wallets (hot & cold) are known to have good rand number generators?

i haven’t got a load of crypto. but it seems it’s worth having an idea of which wallets are good at generating private keys.

just curious

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  1. A lot of RNG is really PRNG or pseudo random generation [Wikipedia](

    To create a truly random number you need to use entropy. For example randomly moving your mouse or randomly typing letters.

    Another interesting MIT [article]( on the subject.

    There are some wallets that claim to use this (I am not endorsing these and have not used them) such as [mycelium](

    Others may have better info on the implementations of this to help as well who have done or used entropy wallet generation.

    I would say the nanos have been tried and tested secure by a lot of people. I am not familiar with their rng chipset however to comment on entropy.

  2. I made my BIP-39 seed provably random by generating the first 23 words by rolling dice (and the starting number for the 24th word).

    Due to the need to compute the checksum it is not exactly user friendly but if I ever get less lazy I should post a guide for the crypto-paranoid. Tails in memory only OS on usb drive with no internet access and using a simple python script to brute force the checksum.



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