House passes $1.9 Trillion Covid stimulus relief

House passes $1.9 Trillion Covid stimulus relief

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  1. So is this a good or a bad thing for the crypto market? Surely some of it will stimulate the market, but is there anyway a huge influx of cash can do anything but moon cryptos? (Perhaps ELI5, sorry friends.)

  2. Congratulations CA and NY, Pelosi and Schumer just bailed out your state budget deficits, while American citizens only get 10% of this bill directly into their hands. And the rest? Shhhh…

  3. tldr; The US House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on Wednesday, sending one of the biggest stimulus plans in US history to President Joe Biden’s desk. The bill passed the House by a 220-211 margin without a Republican vote, as the GOP argued the job market has recovered enough to warrant little or no new stimulus spending. “This legislation is about giving the backbone of this nation – the essential workers, the working people who built this country,” Biden said.

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  4. Instead of sending cheques imagine they just give you the option to be paid in crypto of your choice (within reason) say any coin top 50 – 100 ? Depending the choice, surely they will save administration money ?

  5. hardly any of this money is going to US individuals. They should call it something else. What a joke. Shame on all who voted for it. It would have been far better to “give” more money to US individuals and even small businesses than to give it to failed state budgets, other countries, etc. To give this kind of money from US taxpayers and ship it out of the country is treason in my book.



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