How a blockchain startup with 1M users is working to break your Google habit

How a blockchain startup with 1M users is working to break your Google habit

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  1. There’s a lot of alternatives to Google, and I hope some of them really catch traction because Google’s malicious practices of stealing data should come to an end

  2. tldr; Presearch was founded in 2017 out of the frustration of trying to build a local listing business only to have its efforts downranked by Google. In 2011, ShopCity complained publicly that Google’s search ranking systems were judging its content ‘low quality’ and relegating its listings pages to the unread deeps of search results. “Google has stated that the local space is of great importance to them,” said ShopCity’

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  3. I tried it and while it is a decent alternative, I’ve seen way worse. It’s still a bit slower in terms of search results and honestly to be able to withdraw the amount of crypto which is 1000 pretokens while earning 0.12 per search will take you forever… I don’t know about you guys but I don’t search that much.

    The one interesting function they do have though is the ability to stake your coins for ad space.



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