How do accounts like whale_alert on twitter know that a wallet address is on Coinbase/FTX/binance etc? Aren’t wallet addresses random?

I frequently see posts from that imply that
they know which wallet addresses are associated with a crypto exchange.
[here]( is an example:
“10,000 #ETH (22,366,904 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Binance”

How does it know which wallets are associated with which exchanges?

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  1. The address of Binance is always the same. Try sending some coin to your wallet then let your friend send you some its exactly same address. I add it to my contacts book for ease of use.

  2. I’m assuming because all transactions are public and you can see from which wallets they’re coming to/going from. On bscscan and etherscan you can see all transactions on those blockchains

  3. Perhaps the exchanges shared the list of their wallets with whale_alert. After that it would be simple to monitor the blockchain.
    Here’s my logic for this – Exchanges make money when people trade. Information like whale alert can affect trading habits (get people to sell or buy, based on what large wallets are ~~goind~~ doing), and maybe that is why exchanges share/sell this information with Whale Alert people, who in turn sell it to users willing to pay for their API.

What do you think?

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