How do I go About Getting Samecoin, SameUSD and SameEUR?

How do I go About Getting Samecoin, SameUSD and SameEUR? 1

Samecoin’s ecosystem of stable payment methods of online transactions and more present a number of benefits for both businesses and customers. But you might be wondering how to get hold of them. Let’s have a look.

The difference between Samecoin and SameUSD or SameEUR

Firstly, it’s important to understand the main difference between Samecoin and its family of stablecoins so that you can understand how getting hold of them varies.

The entire ecosystem is powered by the Samecoin utility token, whereas the stablecoins such as SameUSD and SameEUR are the spendable currencies which have tons of benefits for payments and transactions.

How to get hold of Samecoin

As the utility token that powers the rest of the ecosystem, access to Samecoin tokens is limited to fundraising sales and a few other methods.

You can buy Samecoin from the Samecoin Protocol and other investment drives. Samecoin is also rewarded for continued use of the SamePay payment platform.

You can generate more Samecoin as savings or rewards when you stake Samecoin on SamePay. There are also Samecoin available that have been pre-mined and can be purchased via the Samecoin IDO and IEO.

How to get hold of SameUSD and other stablecoins

The easiest way to get SameUSD or other stablecoins like SameEUR is by minting them directly from or via the upcoming SamePay app. All you have to do is deposit another stablecoin to get the relevant amount in SameUSD back. And because of SameUSD’s stable nature, you won’t have to worry about huge fluctuations in price on a day to day basis, any more than you’d have to worry about your USD being worth more or less in a few days time.

SameUSD can be bought directly from SamePay using a debit card or other currencies like Bitcoin.

Another innovative way to get more SameUSD is by referring a friend to the system, both of you will get an amount of SameUSD—so help Samecoin and yourself by spreading the word.

You can also swap other BSC or ETH cryptos for SameUSD on DEXs.

To get other stablecoins like SameEUR, the process is exactly the same. Simply mint SameEUR or purchase it with other fiat or crypto.

There are a huge number of benefits for holding and using SameUSD, like much more straightforward and affordable online payments, a stable value and cashback opportunities. More stablecoins will be introduced to the market soon, tied to other fiat currencies—opening up a world of payment opportunities for people across the planet.

So if you want to get more SameUSD, you’ve now seen plenty of options which you can make the most of. Getting SameUSD is easy, and while getting more Samecoin utility tokens might have more limited opportunities, it’s still relatively easy to do that, too. Samecoin will be listed in various centralized and decentralized exchanges in the near future.

Samecoin is the future of the online payment landscape. So start building your Samecoin portfolio as soon as you can.

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