How do you locate where your bitcoin went?

I know it’s encrypted and stuff but is it possible to know where your bitcoin went? (for example, to a coinbase wallet)

I need to know this because all my bitcoin was sent somewhere but I don’t know where. I forgot where I have sent it to because it’s almost a year ago and my memory doesn’t want to remember so it’s a bit frustrating haha.

I have the transaction ID, output address, and all the other info but I just want to know which sort of wallet is was sent to. I don’t need to know the user and stuff only where the wallet is located (computer wallet/coinbase wallet/…)

is this possible and how?


update: My bitcoin got stolen. No idea how but here are people that had the same problem as me and their bitcoins were sent to the same place as mine. ( 3CiTbivcck7xJf4FrNzu2VwTBAMPMvHhLe ) This explains why I don’t remember it getting lost… Because I didn’t do it





I never published any photo’s online of my 24 words so I don’t know how this happened to me but I learned from the posts above that you don’t publish it online (even in google photo’s)

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  1. No it’s not really possible, but you might want to try a few things, like:

    – paste the receiver’s address into google, see if it brings up any results
    – check the transaction date and look into your emails for that date: perhaps you got an email confirmation from Coinbase (or whatever exchange you might have been using) for a successful deposit

    This is why labelling transactions is important btw… Use a wallet that allows for that feature (Electrum, Wasabi etc).

  2. If its on an exchange you will have had signup emails so find all of them and then log in one by one looking at your balance + history of deposits.

    Otherwise look gor the bitcoin software you may have installed on your computer or phone and open them all to check balances.

    Perhaps it was some new mobile / lightening wallet you tried?

    Perhaps you sent them to cold storage and they are in a paper wallet / seed in your basement?

    Perhaps you sold or traded them?

  3. Nothing in bitcoin blockchain is encrypted.

    You can see the addresses of all transactions. They are pseudonymous. You have the exact address of recipient but there is no good way to identify them. There are some (not free) services that can analyze and associate addresses with entities, but they are not 100% accurate.



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