How long do you think it will be before all currencies are replaced completely by Bitcoin?

I know some places like []( accept bitcoin as a payment method, but it still shows the order price in $ USD. Will everything eventually be shown in bitcoin and replace other currencies like the US dollar? I’d think that it would become extremely confusing to learn this entirely new conversion. I think what makes it difficult to grasp is the decimal value. For example, $10 USD is about 0.00020 Bitcoin. A $250,000 house would be almost 5.1 bitcoins. I just don’t see how people would be able to adapt to the exchange anytime soon.


Sorry for the dumb question. I am new to crypto haha.

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  1. BTC will be your collateral to open a LOC or borrow a lump sum in whatever country you’re in. You won’t use BTC for daily transactions (at least in its current form). In the US, it is classified as property and not a currency.

  2. Infinity years.

    In some countries a cup of coffee is 2500 of their money. In other countries it’s 2.50 of their money. OMG how can they adapt between these price labels!?



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