How many people lost money believing this photo? And now he says it’ll be a miss?

Check [Bitcoin Price](

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  1. people that got rekt because of a chart deserve to get rekt.

    fucking degenerates. it’s a model not a crystal ball. the price is the least interesting thing about bitcoin.

    plan b is very clear about the limitations of his models and on top of that models can’t account for manipulation.

    people should be educating themselves about what bitcoin is, how to secure your keys, how to run a node etc.

  2. This dude had kept me stacking sats for the past year and almost single handedly gave me the conviction needed to not sell as we went from 64k to 29k, I also bought around 65k as we broke ATH again because I thought we would be going to 95k like he predicted and you k ow what I’m down 10% but I have not once ever sold bitcoin and I’m willing to hold for the long run but hopium and price predictions keep me entertained and focused on stacking sats, I never touch leverage nor sell bitcoin so I will never lose mo eye because of this or other models

  3. did you? you’re that dumb? all you have to do is buy and hold. what possible scenario could have forced you to sell your bitcoin at a loss? please explain all of the stupid mistakes you made to get to this point.

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