How NFTs are disrupting media

NFT magazine

Bitcoin Cash, Zilliqa, The Nemesis, Eidoo and a lot of other companies have been announced among the partners of the new project called The NFT Magazine, created in collaboration with The Cryptonomist itself and ArtRights.

Pre-sale open for the first magazine built in NFT

The first issue of The NFT Magazine will be published on OpenSea on November 2nd. 

And at the moment on the official website of the project people can subscribe in order to have the chance to participate in a limited pre-sale (only 150 copies).

The first issue will be published in 500 copies, and unsold copies will be burned. To read the magazine users need to buy the cover in NFT on Opensea. The topics will obviously be related to the world of crypto art, blockchain and fintech.

The NFT covers will be made by famous artists of the sector, becoming collector’s cards, given the extremely limited number of copies. Also, by buying the NFT cover, users will enter in the so-called ‘Readers Club’ to have more benefits like special events, merchandise, discounts on future publications, and other things.

This is a long-term event which will also lead to another project called CRYPPO, a collectibles collection of the first Crypto hippopotamus.

As mentioned, among the partners of this project there are Bitcoin Cash and Zilliqa, as these blockchains will be quoted as one of the most promising tech where users and artists can create NFTs.

NFTs are entering all sectors

NFT and online magazines

Tokenized covers created by crypto-artists, articles published on blockchain and much more. NFTs are entering all sectors, from art to tourism and now publishing as well.

A few months ago, for example, the famous American magazine Time announced the creation of a collection of NFTs in collaboration with Cool Cats, a company that created a collection of cards on blockchain self-generated by an algorithm.

And this was not even the first time that Time had decided to undertake initiatives in the NFT field. In fact, some time ago he had transformed four of his covers into non-fungible tokens and sold them on the SuperRare platform.

These three covers were distributed for a total of over 1.5 million euros.

But we’re not just talking about American magazines. In Italy, Vanity Fair and Corriere della Sera have also created covers in the form of NFTs.

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