How Patientory Solves Pandemic-Era Problems

Blockchain systems are pioneering growth and development across different industries. Patientory is one of the leading technological innovators of the global healthcare system. They have adapted and deployed systems to address the concerns presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as flaws in supply chains and failure to deploy resources to areas where they are most needed.

The crisis resulted in challenges in accessing and disseminating the data needed to take decisive actions to manage the pandemic. Patientory equips the populace with actionable insights to improve their health. It also allows health organizations and clinicians to securely access and transfer protected health information. Blockchains are suited for managing multi-party, inter-organizational, and cross-border transactions because they are equipped to verify, secure, and share this data.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracking is one of the most touchy subjects in managing a pandemic because it risks invading personal privacy. However, most governments go to the extremes of contact tracing in a bid to flatten the curve. The data collection process involves checking patients’ most sensitive information, such as their medical history, connections, interactions, and travel history.

The Coalition Application provides a free platform for anyone to discuss relevant information without jeopardizing privacy or illegally publishing personal data. Users can use this app to voluntarily report whether they are unwell or have tested positive for the virus. 

Sustaining the economy

If supply chains are the machinery of global trade, money is the oil that keeps it running. Nonetheless, as one of the biggest disease vectors, paper money has been a source of stress during this pandemic. The Ethereum-based solution significantly reduces healthcare administrative costs, redirecting more of a patient’s medical expenditure to health care and not bureaucratic paperwork. 

Looking beyond the current pandemic, Patientory provides the capacity to maintain healthy populations globally. This year makes a strong point for access to digital health solutions than any PowerPoint presentation ever would. Telemedicine app usage increased by over 70% since the beginning of the pandemic. 

How Patientory Solves Pandemic-Era Problems 2


The private sector, which has been gravely affected by COVID-19, must continue to lead the way. They must begin by incorporating blockchain into their infrastructures, with immediate effect. Companies must continue to work on pilots centered on medical records, credentialing systems, incentive structures, and other forms of sovereign identification. 

Governments must also recognize the potential of blockchain technology. Every government should establish a medical data emergency team to begin planning and implementing their blockchain efforts. They have the potential to boost technological enterprise growth and the solutions mentioned here.

In addition, they should collaborate with medical professional associations and other stakeholders to deploy blockchain credentials.
To read more about Patientory, its awards, and achievements, please visit the website or check out the official Twitter.

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