How safe are hardware wallets against solar superflares?

An Dec 2021 article from Scientific American about solar superflares have caught my attention. I wonder how this will impact crypto hardware wallet. The scientists suggested that these super events can happen at higher frequencies than once thought, and one marginally dangerous can happen on per order of decades with nontrivial probabilities. It will be interesting to hear if there are specific studies and how to mitigate data loss. This is more pertinent in the context of local impact (i.e. your non-custodial wallet got screwed up and most everyone else is fine). For the most extreme case, the article suggests the whole internet may break, and it doesn’t matter since all financial records will be wiped, and we have maximum wealth redistribution (LOL).

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  1. Doesn’t matter if your hw device gets hit by solar or a big truck because you always have a seed backup on paper/metal. Right? You do, don’t you?

    Always have physical backup of seeds because even without the sun electronics can just fail.

  2. Seed Phrase: Make two handwritten copies with a pencil and good paper. Do not use a printer. Do not use ink.

    Solar flares do not affect backup seed phrases written on paper.

    Triple check both copies for accuracy. Seal them against moisture and paper-eating insects. For example, a ziploc bag. For example, a short piece of PVC sprinkler tubing with caps glued to the ends with waterproof cement.

    Hide them where nobody would think to look. Hide them in separate locations in case of fire, flood, etc. Think long and hard about finding really good hiding locations. Put it in a zipper baggie to protect it against moisture and insects.

    Do not store your seed phrase in a safe deposit box. Do not store it in your safe — too obvious during a home invasion or burglary. Think long and hard about places people won’t think of.

    In *addition*, **memorize** your seed phrase. Practice recalling it at least once per day, every day, from now on. Do not say your pass phrase aloud near ANY device which might have a microphone: cell phone, computer, etc. Ideally, say it quietly in a bathroom with the fan and shower running.

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