How the Biden administration is approaching crypto regulations

How the Biden administration is approaching crypto regulations

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  1. “Yellen believes there are both [positive ]( [negative ways ]( use cryptocurrency”

    There is a positive and negative way to use all currencies.

    Remittances still go to these countries( Iran, Cuba etc.) anyway. That will never stop. The plus side of using crypto is that the respective governments aren’t taking a share of it off the top. The money is going directly to the people who need it.

  2. Biden’s SEC chair nominee Gary Gensler is pretty much pro-bitcoin and pro-crypto in my view – he teaches a course at MIT on Cryptocurrency and Finance, available on Open Courseware and on Youtube. He understands the technology and its benefits. I think this is really good news for crypto.

    Gensler also is the team leader of the WH transition team looking into ‘Federal Reserve, Banking and Securities Regulators’.



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