How to avoid the 12-16 Bat withdraw fee from Brave browser/Uphold.

First of all credits where credit is due thank you /u/The-Alcoholic-Seal for bringing this to my Attention some time ago!

Now to the point.

First of all, if you aren’t using the Brave browser you should look it up, it’s built on Chrome and you can turn on a setting called ‘Do not track’ which sends an request to the site you are visiting to not track you and for 90% of the sites it works.

It’s actually incredible fast and have become my every day browser.

And the most important part is that when you use the Privacy mode then Brave connects you to the next site with a Tor Proxy so your wife/gf/Nsa/Fbi will have a hard a time tracking you.

When you use it you earn BAT just for using the browser, they use an ad system where you dont even have to click on the ads to get rewarded it just opens opens another tab if you click it (it pops up in the down right corner’.

And in the long round you will accumulate a decent amount of BAT.

And here comes the main part.

You have the option to either keep your earned BAT in the browser itself or you can sync the in built wallet to Uphold.

So if you are like me you would synch it and then after some time you want to withdraw the BAT to either another wallet or an exchange.

But here comes the shitty part, you go ahead and is about to withdraw the Bat and then you notice the absurd withdraw fee that ranges from 12 to 16 Bat which would take you around 3-6 Months to earn dependant on your Browser ad settings and how much you actually use the Browser.

Iv’e seen many people complain about the Withdraw fee BUT apperently there is away to go around it which isn’t really that straight forward to you if you just skim past Uphold.

Apperently you can Convert BAT on Uphold to another Crypto and the fee for withdrawing for an example XRP or DASH is more or less non existance on Uphold.

So after using Brave for a year but didn’t want to pay the absurd fee i Converted my BAT yesterday to XRP and send them away to one of the Exchanges that i’m using.

I hope this help someone and thanks once again /u/The-Alcoholic-Seal for bringing this to my attention!

Edit: And yes i sent a pm to /u/the-Alcoholic-Seal some time ago and suggested him to make a post about this, but the post never came and i saw more and more complaining about the fee so i went ahead and made a post myself.

Edit 2: Last edit, on the Android app you have to earn a min of 25 Bat to sync the wallet to Uphold but there is talks about lowering it.

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  1. Using brave for the ad block, but only get around 0.2 bat a month. I’ve chosen for the 5 ads an hour and use the browser for 2-3 hours a day. Am i the only experiencing really small payouts?

  2. I tried this method but converted to XLM last month, apparently you can’t withdraw XLM from Uphold… Converted back to BAT, lost BAT in the process. Such a shitty wallet…

  3. Useful info. Might come in handy when I have 25 BAT in.. uhh a year or more. Actually, I have two separate installations of Brave on different computers, so I have two different in-browser wallets or whatever you can call it. Any idea if that would cause problems if I connect both with the same Uphold account?

  4. Nice tip. I guess I’ll be the pedantic one, just to make sure it’s clear. Brave is built on Chromium, not Chrome. Chrome is Google’s browser that’s built on Chromium. I think this is an important distinction so that people know that Brave has nothing to do with Chrome or Google.

  5. 500 words to just say ‘convert to XRP > Transfer > Exchange back’ as it’s one of the few actual networks that Uphold supports.

    Shame they don’t support XLM which I’d prefer 🤣

  6. Also, you can link your own pages, like a Youtube-account, and people can tip you. I’m earning way more BAT via YT than by browsing with Brave.

    Edit: Shame on you OP, for not being verified on Reddit ;P

  7. BAT Is a RC-20 token, this Is a token on the ETH chain. Uphold Is only the interface if you want to use the blockchain you must pay the fee. Untill we see a change on ETH all RC-20 tokens has the same problem.
    The solution Is like you said, swap, on Uphold, your BAT for another crypto, i think Litecoin Is the Best option to transfer value, bc the low fees and velocity. Then you can do what you want with this value I am not advising you to have LTC.

  8. Brave is doing shady shit after shady shit.

    Why am I not surprised?

    They lost all my respect when they started injecting their referer codes into their users’ sufring.

    Now they make it literaly almost impossible to withdraw BAT?

    What comes next, them matching their user’s complete surfing history with their users KYC-Data?

    Do you believe their “why we needed to create a whole browser instead of a plugin for privacy”?
    Would that not mean that extensions like ublock or umatrix do not work?
    Interestingly, im currently using ublock + umatrix pretty fine…

    No, the real reason is likely: There is no other way for them to get the whole surfing history of users and inject shit into their users sessions and grab cookies and other data when only creating a normal browser extension.

    Now think twice: Why do they even have to use BAT as you can convert to any other coin before withdrawing. There literally is no legitimate usecase for BAT, except for them to print money out of thin air.

    Srsly, they are one of the most anti-privacy companies you will find out there.

    Want to earn passively online? Buy some top10 coin and stake it/lend it to others.

  9. Also good to add that in near future withdrawal to Gemini will be possible. So basically if you start accumulating BAT today by the time you get to 25 BAT the chances are you will have more options than just the Uphold.

  10. I’ve literally been waiting on another exchange prior to linking/syncing my Brave accounts to uphold.

    I’d rather lose my earned BAT’s than support Uphold lol

  11. Brave is great really, I used it for a time early last year, but sadly my due BATs weren’t being given, there’s just error after trying claim BAT, and the balance is still 0, CS is non existent.

  12. Quick question for people on this thread. There was an announcement that Wrapped BAT is now available on BSC, is there way for me to withdraw my BAT from Uphold directly to BSC network? So I could use it on Pancakeswap etc?

  13. I’ve made 100 bucks this year by using Brave. I usually just take all my BAT and convert it to Bitcoin. I hate Uphold, but I don’t really mind it so far because I’ve not had any withdrawals from it. I have my bank account attached to it, so it’s no problem to withdrawal, I just don’t think I will for quite a while. If I do withdrawal, I may withdrawal to Wealthsimple anyway.



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