How to connect your Reddit Community Points (Reddit Vault) to Brave

How to connect your Reddit Community Points (Reddit Vault) to Brave

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  1. Point 2 says:

    _Copy your Reddit Vault seed phrase (also known as a backup or recovery key) and restore it into your Brave Crypto Wallet. (Note: This recovery key is associated with a public Ethereum address.)_

    What’s the downsides of this? Privacy?

  2. Brave Crypto Wallets is essentially MetaMask built into Brave by the way. If you already use Metamask there is no reason to use Brave’s crypto wallets. This is the same as sending your moons to or importing your account to Metamask

  3. I don’t know enough to see the cracks in the possible securities. I might give this a wait till it’s fully experienced by the redditors and then decide. :O Good stuff though.

  4. My trezor seed and any other seed I have will never see a digital screen.

    On paper/card/metal anything other than digital.

    Otherwise whats the point this seems abit silly to me
    And I’m really new to this.



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