How to decide which crypto to invest in next.

Please try to ignore coins that you think solve issues or have great utility, its all fluff, we are trying to make money! crypto is not widely accepted and blockchain is rarely used outside of our echo-chamber-crypto-shpere. Wasting time on meticulous research, is time not spent investing in coins that will make you money. Mobs do not make logical decisions, they act. investing in imaginary coins that are not currently useful is not logical, but it works.

We need to look at the most important factors: Accessibility, Attention, Aesthetic. in that order.


1. ACCESSIBILITY: when you trade on a centralized platform, u choose a base currency to trade from. as a result if you want *name coin here* you must trade a coin the platform offers as a base. see [Top 5]( hence Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin etc. You cant make money on tether! yet its one of the top coins! this is due to accessibility. binance coin is centralized and goes against everything we stand for yet its a top coin…. mark my words [C]( COIN and UNISWAP will grow. coins like these are used to buy other coins. Only a few coins offered on Robinhood an extremely popular trading platform(where people have already put money aside for non crypto)…. those coins will continue to grow
2. ATTENTION: There is no such thing as bad publicity, Trump won the election, case and point. every single r/*crypto-coin* on reddit trashes Dogecoin, the more the name is out there the more value it will have. it doesn’t matter if the coin can bring world peace if no one knows it exists. DOGECOIN BITCOIN ETHEREUM will continue to grow. people are using bitcoin as dowry now all over the world. exposure on non crypto related social media is best, legacy news outlets are becoming less important
3. AESTHETIC: is the name and logo appealing? sad day for litecoin, grey, dull, not heavy, they changed it to blue now but its still just boring, its on its way out. bitcoin cash sounds like a ripoff version. on the other hand Tether, Bitcoin, Uniswap are clever names that describe their function and easy to remember. Polkadot is okay… animals are best for logos, DOGECOIN UNISWAP RAVENCOIN. followed by attractive money symbols. like Ɖ, ₿

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  1. Pffft doge is going to return to below 1 cent at the end of this bubble. It’s gonna be catastrophic. Just because it’s talked about and pumping doesn’t mean it will be successful.



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