How to gift ₿itcoin in a way that’s unforgettable and educational: Opendime

I’m a longterm bitcoin hodler who as a maxi, doesn’t believe we’re in a technological revolution, so much as a political one. This is a belief that has carried bitcoin into this decade from 2009 and kept it alive. If it was just an “investment” it would’ve died years ago. And as such, adoption to me is the most important goal, not Lambo’s, not price, etc. We’re trying to replace the money. To take away their control of the money. Demonetize the political class.

I give Opendimes as gifts often. After gifting them, I don’t say anything about how they work, and let the person figure them out. This has proven to be an extraordinary tool that sets in motion for most a journey to learn more about bitcoin.

The entropy to generate the key, physical breaking of the small chip, and requirement to set up a wallet will never be forgotten by virgins of this revolution. Don’t worry about them figuring things out. It’ll be ok, trust me, out of a hundred or so I’ve gifted, there’s yet to be any issue. As Steve Jobs once said to a WSJ journalist who laughed about the iPhone being far too difficult for normal people and that humans require the virtual feedback of buttons: “*Their thumbs will learn*.”

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  1. Read some feedback on amazon at opendime. I was scared af. Will never buy it. Imagine buy bitcoins whole your life and in the end you cant get you secret key because of some hardware issue.

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