How to HODL, DCA, and have peace of mind? Quantum Superposition is the key.

Treat your wallet like a [Schrödinger’s cat]( experiment.

As long as you don’t check it, your wallet can be in one of three states, positive, negative, and neutral. All at the same time, according to quantum mechanics.

Needless to say that the same goes with carts. The market can simultaneously be in any of the above three states. If you are not trading, alerts are the way to go.

Do you think you can beat science?

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  1. In this analogy, your wallet would be in a single pure state, and the ‘positive’, ‘negative’ and ‘neutral’ states would be eigenstates (possible measurable states according to this basis). There would then be an infinite number of possible states for the wallet, each with a different amplitude for each of the eigenstates. Until a measurement in the ‘positive, negative, neutral’ basis is performed, the wallet would be in a superposition of those eigenstates with some amplitude for each eigenstate relative to that basis.

    However, this is assuming that we know the exact mechanism that prepares different wallet state. If we don’t, then in general the wallet will be in a mixed state, not a pure state.

  2. I never understood this concept, at all.

    Yeah, if you don’t check your wallet, you don’t know if it’s in red or green. But the wallet itself IS already in green or red. You don’t know what is it, but according to the market, your wallet has a value, independently from you checking it or not



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