How To Identify And Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams – Guide

By identifying in advance the telltale signs of a scam, you can protect yourself from being a victim. The guide below takes a look at the three most common scams across the industry – giveaway, investment, and phishing scams: [How To Identify And Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams](

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  1. Lack of crypto skill combined with trusting a third party is the main issue scammed people told me. After the fact only the cumbersome way is possible and it doesn’t work always. This means you need to trace the stolen coins to exchanges where law enforcement can freeze scammers assets or get his id.

    For bitcoin exists an indicator if tracing of a scammers address is already possible, it’s the [BTC privacy score]( The lower the score the higher is your chance that the scammer is a known client of an exchange. Over time it goes often down, this is the case if the scammer is doing more and more transactions which are linked to the fraud transaction.

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