How to Make SEBLAK Coy! at Home, 4 Recipes hot and spicy

3 recipes Make savory seblak at home, spicy and hot. 

Here are 3 recipes for a simple, tasty and easy to make seblak broth,

1. Seblak creamy bakso noodles.


– 600 ml of water

– 50 grams of colorful onion crackers

– 50 grams of curly noodles

– 1 tablespoon of instant spicy fried rice seasoning.

– 1 egg, shake it off

– 3 pieces of meatballs cut into 4 parts

– 3 tablespoons full cream milk

How to cook:

– Boil water until it boils. Add crackers and curly noodles. Cook until the crackers are soft.

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