How to prevent CoinBase from withdrawing from my linked Bank Acct

So I want to make sure that CoinBase has no access to withdraw from my bank after, in the past, giving them consent to do the direct withdrawal. They have prevented me from deleting my bank info on my Coinbase account. I have revoked the Plaid service on my Bank’s end for consent to see my current bank info but they definitely still have the routing number, … saved even without consent. How to revoke them completely?


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  1. Sorry OP

    Future readers, bank accounts are (often) free. Open a dedicated account for Coinbase then transfer money in or out of it. If you empty your dedicated account CB access will not affect your finances.

    I actually do this solely for a damn Gym membership that demands access to my bank account. So I have a checking account that only holds $100 in it so if I cancel my membership they will just be pressing blood from a stone.

  2. Bro I had the same question.. on Coinbase PRO you can’t take off your bank account but on regular Coinbase you can remove it .. I even opened a case about it.. they said “your problem has been solved case has been closed” they didn’t even ask me anything or remove shit



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