How to Read & Analyze a Crypto Coin Whitepaper

In response to a redditer’s question I posted the following article today:

#### [How to Read & Analyze a Crypto Coin Whitepaper](

I had some other requests regarding private key safety, hard wallets, metamask and others. I plan to write at least one quality article a day.
This is a work in progress, but being someone who has been here since the days of BTC faucets I have some time on my hands so – giving back.

Suggested articles welcomed!

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  1. This my friend, is a very well written article and I really do hope that you continue to spread your knowledge with this community.

    These are the type of posts that I’ve joined this sub for.

  2. Dude! This is really well-written and thorough. I’m going to bookmark this to reference when I’m looking up new projects.

    One thing did bother me, for some reason, and that was the bold font used in your headings. The kerning squishes some of the letters together and it doesn’t look great on mobile.



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