How to recognize a licensed online casino and whether to trust such a website

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Many people are passionate about gambling as a form of entertainment. This is aspect is pretty obvious, judging by the large number of sports betting agencies, land-based and online casinos worldwide.

For some time now, the interest in online games has been growing strongly, and the entire industry is enjoying an increasing success. The diversity of games (especially slots) and accessibility (anywhere, anytime) helps the online environment on this segment of entertainment a lot. Online casinos such as Mystino give gamblers opportunities such as slot tournaments and all sorts of other promotional campaigns run by casino operators.

If you are at least 18 years old and want to choose a casino for occasional fun, you need to pay attention to some simple details to ensure that the game will be 100% legal and safe, so you will have a pleasant experience. First of all, you must know that the field of online gambling is legally regulated very clearly in many European, American and Asian countries. It can be played exclusively on platforms licensed by the corresponding authority, depending on the country.


On one hand, players are protected (licensed platforms are carefully checked and monitored), while fraud or other problems are avoided. On the other hand, the national economy is supported, by the correct taxation of the respective operators doing business in the countries that sportsbooks are licensed in. These operators are also encouraged to invest locally to strengthen their positions in the national market for online casino games, poker, sports betting, bingo etc..

So, when choosing an online casino, check its presence in the list provided by the authority that offers the gambling license.

Avoid clicking on ads or links in unsolicited emails that may lead you to unlicensed websites. Also, pay attention to the browser, to the address of the website you are on, to make sure that you visit an official website and not an illegally made replica (phishing attempts).

When choosing an online casino operator, make sure you have contact information (including your local phone number). It can be an advantage to choose an online gambling operator that also has an offline presence with gaming agencies nationwide, a well-known brand in the local market.

Don’t forget to play responsibly, that is, to act in a balanced way. Online gambling is only enjoyable when this principle is applied. You need to look at gambling money as an expense of entertainment, not as an investment, because winnings can never be guaranteed. When you happen to win, you can look at this as a bonus, beyond the fun you had playing.

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