How to Redeem ALittleBitOfCoin?

So I found this card when I was clearing out some drawers and I forgot a friend of mine gave this to me YEARS ago. I want to redeem it, but the site doesn’t exist anymore. Anybody have any ideas?


[Card Picture](

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  1. Probably don’t show the back on this forum, but if it has something like this on the back of it:

    That’s a private key, and you should look up what to do with it. If it has a list of random words, that’s a seed phrase to generate a private key, and the number of words would be helpful to diagnosis.

    If it only lists a website that’s now out of business, you’re probably screwed.

  2. There should be a scratch off section on the back which gives you the private key. You can import that into a wallet like Electrum to move the coins to a new address.

    I guess the back should also have the public address on it? You can start by looking that up in a block explorer to confirm whether or not there actually are funds there.

    brief summary here



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