How to Sell (or Buy) Moons

Since we are in the next round of Moon distribution, and I often see comments about “what do I do with these moon things??” Here is a quick guide stitched together from multiple posts. I prefer myself because I have a fair amount of XLM already, so here is the 3 step process to buying and selling moons using



—Buying moons—

1: Select “Buy moons” on the left side of the site; note your maximum amount of XLM for one transaction.

2: Paste your reddit vault (receive) address into the box provided

3: Copy the XLM Address and Memo, then send your XLM to that address.

Shortly after this, moons will appear to in your Reddit account.

—Selling moons—

1: Select the “Sell moons” button on the right side of the site, noting the maximum amount of moons you can currently sell.

2: Paste your XLM address and XLM memo in the box provided.

3: Copy the Address, and then enter your Vault address. Send the moons to that address, making sure to stay under the maximum cap.


That’s it! Happy Mooning 🌜🌝🌛

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  1. Hope the guide helps! Like I mentioned: it was stitched together from a number of others’ posts for the same process (basically others saying the same stuff as I did above). I wanted to make it a little easier to read and follow – hopefully you all find benefit!

  2. Sweet post. The guy who made made a post on the Stellar subreddit this week about it. It’s great having people like him around the crypto subreddits.

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