How to sell your moons

With another distribution coming in i thought it would be nice to try and clarify a bit on how to trade your moons, be ir for Fiat be it for other cryptos. I have to remember y’all too that if you can you should keep the moons on your vault as that would make you eligible for the 20% bonus for holding for the next distribution.
Okay, but how do you actually sell them? There’s a few options out there, the first one is using Kuyumcu (just google it) but I might warn you that the conversion fees are quite high, 20-30%. To use kuyumcu you have to make a nano wallet, To do that use Natrium (available on smartphones), then you’ll have to go to kuyumcu ( and trade your moons for some Nano, after that it’s as simple as transferring the Nano to a reputable exchange, ( Kraken accept nano deposits if I’m not mistaken) then you do your thing there, sell it for fiat or trade for other cryptos.

Another option is using, I have recently used it and it’s fast and the fees are waaay lower than kuyumcu’s, so it might be the better option. The steps are quite similar but instead of making a Nano wallet you’ll have to make a Lumens wallet or you can receive it directly into your exchange if they accept lumens deposits.

The last option is using xDai but I’m yet to go that route so I’ll just leave a link to another redditors post regarding that. d_app&utm_source=share

Peace guys.

Edit: Thanks for the awards!

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  1. A little off topic, OP, but what does the QC: CC 53 next to your username mean? I get that the number relates to this particular sub but I can’t find an explanation for it.

  2. I’m not selling. In fact I’ll hold for all time… because I lost the keys. 😀
    My moons label will go well with my PRL tag as painful reminders to be more careful….

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