How to Stake Matic – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

How to Stake Matic

Something to consider when it’s time to step away from speculating on Polygon, but you still want to capitalize on your bet is how to stake MATIC. Owning a token can be a good investment, but it is not the same as earning income for your token holdings – it is more lucrative.

For holders of Polygon’s main utility token, MATIC, it is possible to earn passive income by staking your coins in the network. MATIC is cash flow positive and has the potential to generate monthly income for your investment. You only need to learn how to stake Polygon Matic first.

How to Stake Matic – Introduction

MATIC is one of the most popular income-earning tokens in the cryptocurrency space. Holders earn an income by staking, where the owners lock their holdings in the network in exchange for predictable and durable income generated on a regular basis. The amount you earn has nothing to do with your approach to how to stake Matic.

Polygon is itself well-established, and many developers access blockchain infrastructure on the Ethereum network through its network. The users of Matic coin are typically developers building scalable dApps on the Polygon network, so holders own the network and not just the underlying token.

While holding on to MATIC can be potentially attractive, this ownership comes with a distinct downside, starting with concentration risks if the holder places a large portion of their network on this crypto asset. On the other hand, staking allows you to claim a fractional interest in the growth of the network and receive a portion of the potential income and appreciation of MATIC.

All you need to get started is the MATIC token itself, which you can buy from an exchange, and then transfer the tokens to your preferred Ethereum wallet. Install a web3 browser extension to your computer, and make sure your wallet has some ETH for transactional fees.

How to Stake Matic on Metamask

How to Stake Matic on Metamask

The most common way how to stake Polygon Matic is through Metamask. After all, the Metamask wallet is a user-oriented platform that connects seamlessly to any ETH wallet, including hardware wallets. To get started with how to stake Matic on Metamask, you must connect it to the Polygon network through the currently connected tab found on the user icon.

Next, go to Polygon wallet to move your funds from Ethereum. Then to start staking, decide on and find a validator from the Polygon staking page, where you will also find a calculator, among other tools to help you navigate staking. Scroll down to see the validators and evaluate the information about the validator to identify the best option.

Click ‘Delegate’ on the validator of choice, and specify the number of MATIC you want to stake. Then, approve the transaction to complete the transaction and start receiving rewards from the staked tokens. You will receive a message if the process is booming, reflecting on your wallet.

How to Stake Matic on Binance

The process of staking MATIC on Binance is no different. You only need to head over to the Polygon web wallet and log in using the web3 wallet extension. Then, from the staking page on Polygon, click on ‘all validators’ to reveal a list of all validators on the network alongside the relevant information.


From the list, select the Binance node by clicking on the ‘delegate’ button next to this option. A small pop-up will appear, where you can set the amount of MATIC you want to stake. Before you decide on how to stake Polygon Matic, ensure you have MATIC tokens in your wallet to complete the staking process.

Once you have set the amount you would like to invest on how to stake Matic, click on ‘delegate’ on the next popup to complete the transaction. As soon as your funds are added to the Ethereum blockchain, you will be able to receive regular income as the proceeds of the staking.

How to Stake Matic on Celsius

Celsius (CEL)

With Celsius, you will be taking a different approach to how to stake Polygon Matic. The first thing you need to do is to create an account on the Celsius network and download the app for your Android or iOS device. Then, you can use the third-party service on the web to buy MATIC tokens or deposits from other wallets.

For staking on Celsius, you will need a CEL token – the utility token of the Celsius network, which comes with the added benefit of multiplying your earnings if you accept rewards in this cryptocurrency. The more CEL tokens you deposit to your wallet, the higher the rewards rates.

From this point, the rest of the process is similar to how to stake Matic on any other network. You just need to deposit the tokens to the Polygon network as your proof-of-stake and receive regular rewards sent to your Celsius wallet in your preferred currency – you can use the calculator to see how your choice affects what you earn.

What Else You Should Know about Staking Matic

Many investors are drawn to Matic because the Polygon network has a highly reliable business, with revenue models that provide stability regardless of trends in the dApps sector. However, MATIC is not just standing. Still, it is growing with the demand for better performance blockchain and cost-efficiency.

That Polygon enjoys an unmatched scale and a diversified customer base, making MATIC an incredibly attractive token right now. This focus puts MATIC in a solid position to approach the market’s rapid growth with strong momentum and a reliable proposition.

Once you have mastered how to stake Polygon Matic, you can join the club of users who earn between 5 to 20% by staking their tokens. Even though the yield might change in the future depending on the circumstances, the amount your stand to earn will compound the potential earnings from the long-term holding of the token itself.  

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How to Stake Matic – Conclusion

Income crypto investors like utility tokens like Matic because of their stability and generous rewards from staking. When market participants think of low-risk investments, MATIC typically springs to mind. That’s because the token is bound to become a modern necessity right alongside ETH as institutions enter the blockchain space.

As such, it helps to learn how to stake Matic to track your portfolio on significant gains even before institutional flooding the market with dApps. Staking Polygon Matic is looking very good as earnings and revenue climb higher. You can start by buying MATIC on any of the largest crypto exchanges.  

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