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How VPNs Can Fix Crypto Security Hitches




A VPN enables online users to transfer their cryptocurrency or data within the confines of a private network. It conceals your IP address by taking one amongst the many provided by the service provider, making your online activity discreet.

Whenever we are online, our computers are ever sending signals to select web addresses. A VPN plays a significant role in protecting online users by making them invisible. So, whenever a signal is sent, it is transmitted to a specific virtual server, which gives it a new IP address. 

With the new IP address, hackers can’t access your private data, including online cryptocurrency wallets, because the address belongs to the virtual server. Importantly, it adds a layer of security to your transactions, enabling you to trade anonymously. A VPN also encrypts your internet connection, enabling you to trade more securely. 

Choice of a good VPN

Undoubtedly, there are numerous good VPNs in the market. However, not all of them have the functionalities that cryptocurrency holders demand. To get a good VPN that meets your need as a digital currency holder, you must look for one that has the following functionalities.

No logs feature      

A VPN with no logs feature doesn’t leave any trace of your online activity. It will not leave a trace of the websites you visited, the transactions you did, or any downloads you made. This feature makes your online activities secure.




Kill switch feature

Crypto traders need this feature for their security online. It automatically disconnects all your devices from private or public internet until you reconnect your VPN. The feature ensures that hackers on the public internet are restricted from accessing your online activity.

The best VPN for crypto holders

As already discussed, a VPN with no logs and kill switch feature is ideal for cryptocurrency traders. Fortunately, most VPNs have these features. However, Switcherry VPN stands out from the many because it has additional features such as:

  • A pre-installed ad-blocker
  • Purely ads-free experience 
  • Gets rid of spoofing or spam calls with a pre-installed call protector
  • Does not restrict daily or monthly traffic
  • More than 5900 operating servers that ensure important geo-location are covered. 
  • The VPN app is available on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.
  • User-friendly chrome extension
  • You can use one account for Switcherry on seven devices 
  • Easy registration, no personal data required
  • On premium subscriptions, they allow a money-back guarantee
  • Friendly and attentive support team


As a cryptocurrency holder or prospective holder, you need to be careful about the security of your digital assets. Hackers are always prying on the web to get the next victim of a cyber attack. If you implement these tips, you will be guaranteed that your cryptocurrency will always be in safe custody. Above all, always trade your cryptocurrencies using a VPN. You will never regret the decision.

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