How would you reply to someone that says “Warren Buffett said: Bitcoin has no value” ?

Without Bitcoin, we will need to build huge banks, iron vaults, buildings, to protect our money. So no one can take it away from you. So Bitcoin has value. The same reason why governments use armies, spending resources, tanks, airplanes, human resources, etc to protect countries borders. The value of bitcoin is its unbreakable maths. Hence bitcoin has value. It’s obvious like DAY vs NIGHT.

There is no absolute trust out there in the wild. Bitcoin comes at the right time. In the future governments will use bitcoin as the standard of international trades between them, because that way they can trust each other. It’s more efficient and much better than gold or anything else (lighter, faster). Govs will realize that they’re who need bitcoin the most.
In other videos, Buffett said that he doesn’t invest in crypto because he doesn’t understand crypto.

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  1. Google “bitcoin USD” and show them. Warren Buffet has an opinion. The market currently values at about 50k USD, and what is it people say about the market? “Markets are never wrong, only opinions are”

  2. 2 words: “El Salvador”. All theories, conjectures, opinions, bias, etc. fall the way side… when u r hungry and need to eat a burger, and ur btc can pay for that beef. To me, thats the most concrete value bitcoin has. Save your breath about bitcoin standard stuff for later.

  3. ~~I’ll just tell them to tell Buffett, “have fun staying poor”.~~

    Anyhow, Buffett has always said he doesn’t understand BTC and doesn’t participate in the network anyhow, so I am not too bothered by his comments, nor would I care about someone who is quoting him, since that argument is just an ‘appeal to authority’.

  4. What he’s really saying is he doesn’t have insider knowledge about bitcoin the same way he did for decades in the stock market. If binance and bitfinex (both properly corrupt) call him up to discuss how they’ll drop pump or dump hints then he’ll see value in bitcoin right away.

  5. Governments assume a monopoly over the use of force. In democracies citizens grant this monopoly when they vote. Governments impose fiat currencies which today are mostly issued as debt by private bankers. In western liberal democracies the banks have come to own most elected governments.

    Bitcoin restores monetary sovereignty to the citizen who adopts it but this is an obvious challenge to the private bankers that have come to rule over western democracies.

    At the same time rising power China seeks to introduce its CBDC DCEP early next year- Chinas government rather than being directed by capital (the bankers), directs capital toward the strategic objectives of the Chinese politburo which is largely composed of engineers.

    DCEP seeks to create an alternative MoE for international trade payment seperate from the US controlled SWIFT and CHIPS hegemony. If China required trade partners to denominate trade payments in DCEP which nations could afford to refuse?

    If USD reserve currency seigniorage was lost the US would be bankrupt.

    USD vs DCEP vs BTC

    Fiat Debt Slavery vs CCP Engineered Autocracy vs Decentralised Neutrality and Liberty

  6. Warren Buffet admitted that he had only sent one email. This reeks of hubris, which is surprising. To let your wealth blind you from learning about innovation that could have been part of your portfolio for so cheap even by today’s standards

  7. It’s like saying the internet has no value. Money is information about purchasing power. The internet is an open information network. And Bitcoin is an additional layer on this network to distribute information about purchasing power.

  8. He never invested IT firms and missed a lot of early opportunities in companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon etc. He used to say he doesn’t understand tech. Now apple is his top holding. He will hold BTC too eventually.

  9. I’d respond with “He’s entitled to his opinion”. Or perhaps I’d respond back asking why he thinks it’s of no value, and then ask the person if they agree with those. Mr. Buffett calls Bitcoin “rat poison”, an analogy which makes zero sense once you give it a few seconds of thought.

    Context of conversation is everything here. I hope I wouldn’t feel the need to get defensive whenever somebody said “Bitcoin is bad because X person said so” – which is an argument from authority.

  10. You can use BTC mining as an easy way to transfer electricity/energy from one place to another. It’s literally electricity that can be send through internet. Without wires, infrastructure, batteries, cars/ships and with little involvement of Human Resources.

    You mine BTC from distant territories, remote and hard to access places in Nevada, North or South Pole, deserts , you name it. You mine it with renewable and sustainable sources of energy – wind, water, solar energy, etc. You transfer mined BTC through satellite, internet or WiFi to whatever place you need and you buy electricity with that BTC.

    Electricity send through internet. 🤯

  11. Warren buffet isn’t the only human on the planet and the USA isn’t the only country either. Look what btc is doing in other parts of the world. America has slow adoption because we’re “wealthy” with “fiat” other places not so lucky and bitcoin is very important. The problem with rich USA naysayers is that there’s more poor people benefitting from bitcoin and they can’t stand that but so few of them and bitcoin cannot be controlled and manipulated to the extent their precious fiat can be manipulated.

  12. It’s a known fact that old people hate what they don’t understand and are unwilling to take time to learn about it. They’ll just try to spread more FUD to get everyone to hate it as much as them so it’s not a threat.

  13. Nothing has any value. Only what people are willing to pay for a finite thing. Gold, bitcoin, concrete etc all have a price but no actual value unless it’s run through a human beings mind.

  14. money also doesn’t have any value.

    gold also doesn’t have any value.

    there is no such thing as inherent value.

    having said all that, there is still a monetary amount people are willing to put up for it.

  15. Well Warren buffet hasn’t bought any tech ventures as well. He’s just buying what he knows. Honestly I don’t care what warren buffet sais. he’s in a different playing field.

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