HSBC has now banned people from buying and investing in Coinbase stock.

HSBC has now banned people from buying and investing in Coinbase stock.

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  1. Funny how HSBC was found to be helping drug cartels money launder their illegal drug money, but they are so quick to stamp out allowing investors to purchase Coinbase stock because they’re scared crypto is used for money laundering purposes….

  2. First grayscale now coinbase 😁 way to go hsb¢! You know how to make yourself irrelevant. The audacity of these people telling me how I can spend my money 🖕❌🖕❌

  3. HSBC keep blocking my card after I’ve bought crypto. When I call to get it unblocked I’m told it’s just a random security measure. Never happened before … Heck of a coincidence!

  4. HSBC are dossers, worst customer service of any bank I ever used and shitty history of money laundering and other unethical practices.

    I might switch back to them just to be able to leave again to fuck with their retetion figures.

  5. tldr; HSBC has no appetite for direct exposure to virtual currencies and limited appetite to facilitate products or securities that derive their value from virtual currencies. The bank holds about $5.5 billion in bitcoin, or about 80% of its $6.8 billion market capitalization. HSBC stopped customers of InvestDirect from adding MicroStrategy stock to their portfolios.

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  6. So one of the scummy, money laundering banks doesn’t want ordinary people “money laundering” with Bitcoin. It’d be ok to money launder fiat with them though, no problemo….

  7. Basically HSBC has a “policy” of avoiding virtual currencies and stocks correlated to them. So maybe they’ll ban Tesla and Paypal soon too?? It’s baffling why they would want to do this, what could they possibly gain?

  8. My mom just spent an hour on the phone with Bank of America after buying 15k and 35k worth of BTC on the dip through Coinbase Pro (over two days). This is through her self-directed IRA account.

    On the third day she went to deposit onto Coinbase Pro and was restricted. BofA tells her that it is against their policy and customers are not allowed to buy any cryptocurrency… she’s asking for this in writing because that is absolute bullshit.

    *deposits made using ACH on Coinbase Pro

  9. Meh, HSBC already banned me from enjoying their banking experience. I wanted to like them, but after banking with them for 3 years (and paying ridiculous hidden fees on transfers and accounts) I had enough and switched to another bank.
    This new bank also doesnt allow me to make any transactions involving crypto too…. but hey, at least I get 0.1% interest on my current account!….

  10. HSBC is a bunch on low class scumbags that can’t help to lie and steal for fun.

    These no dick cocksuckers would sell their own mothers for a dollar have no vision or comprehension for value.

    F- HSBC Take more money from criminals you shit head bankers.

    They are telling the world where they stand. Listen to them and never do business with the again.

    I am calling out for a FULL boycott of HSBC !!!!

  11. This is the same bank that had a deliberate policy in place to hide that they were aiding money laundering from murderous drug cartels for years and years. They draw the line here though apparently.

  12. HSBC can’t ‘ban people’ from investing in cryptos! They can refuse to carry out instructions from customers to buy cryptos – but then their customers will just transfer their funds to a another broker who will carry out their instructions as requested…



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