Hydrogen Token Aims to Become the World’s First Climate Change Cryptocurrency

Hydrogen Token Aims to Become the World’s First Climate Change Cryptocurrency

Hydrogen Token has emerged as an innovative project that intends to drive the use of hydrogen as an alternative source of renewable energy and incentivize users globally in the fight against climate change. 

Solving a longstanding problem 

Climate change is a major problem that the world is facing with campaigns ongoing to reduce greenhouse emissions. However, fossil fuels still dominate the major share of energy consumption and countries globally have committed to achieving a various degree of carbon reduction milestones in the future. 

Hydrogen has been placed as having a key role in global energy transition since it is a more sustainable energy form without the greenhouse effect. As a result, several organizations have committed to utilizing hydrogen-based systems and a fast-growing industry is centered on this concept. 

Offset programs have long been criticized as being merely PR tools that allow companies to avoid directly tackling their environmental impact. This is further confirmed by the difficulty in tracking the money assigned towards achieving zero-net carbon emission. 

Hydrogen token is at the forefront of addressing this problem by using blockchain technology to build a sustainable ecosystem. It has developed a system that tracks the progress of users towards achieving carbon-free emission goals. Hydrogen token also aims to help individuals participate in the crypto world while also contributing their quota towards fighting climate change. 

Sustainable ecosystem 

Hydrogen token has a unique tokenomics that ensures fair distribution of token to users and maintains value. Furthermore, it is a deflationary token, and every token sold will be burned to ensure that the amount decreases, providing continuous gains to early investors.

10% of the commission deducted from every purchase will also be redistributed in the form of airdrops to the community. HydroGen Token plans to build a launchpad system where new projects can list tokens from the elemental table. In addition, a staking feature will be added where users can stake their tokens in exchange for other elements tokens. 

Another essential product is ElementSwap, a DEX where users can swap between element tokens and is the first of its kind in the crypto world. 

Exciting developments ahead 

Hydrogen Token is set to list its tokens on several centralized exchanges and will be available on PancakeSwap in Q4 2021. The planned listing on different exchanges is expected to increase adoption and will provide use-cases for the token. 

Hydrogen Token is well placed to become a significant stakeholder in the blockchain industry due to its application in a sector as critical as climate change. To learn more about Hydrogen Token visit the links below. 

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