Hyperinflation is confirmed in Germany: German food retailers to raise prices by 20-50% on Monday

The price of grains has gone up. The feed animals gains so the price of meat, eggs, and dairy will go up next. Regardless of what leads to it 50% increase within a month is considered hyperinflation. Next will see people buying extra food to stockpile causing more shortages and continued increase prices. hyperinflation is here, only bitcoin can save us now.

EU knew this was coming that is why they were trying to pass that law to ban self custody wallet withdrawals from exchange. To prevent capital flight from the fiat Euro. The euro will see hyperinflation.


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  1. True hyperinflation from an economic perspective is 50% inflation in successive quarters.

    Having said that, we are pretty gd close to that if we calced CPI using 1982 methods,

  2. This is such a stupid post. All these Bitcoin will save us nonsense needs to stop lol. Unless I’m missing something. Even if and that’s a big IF Bitcoin is to be adopted for mainstream let’s say next month? How is that going to stop prices rising and stopping food shortage

  3. Over here in Canada, despite the government’s made-up inflation statistic the CPI, restaurant prices (little greasy spoons nothing fancy) locally have gone up 30 or 40% in the past 2 years. I had a chicken burger the size of two bites for $10, no fries, a couple days ago. Some takeout places now give you half-full containers for their higher prices, as if you won’t notice. Gas is at a record high, and nearly half of that is taxes. It’s almost time to ditch the car and buy an electric scooter, and risk death every day getting to work. People I know are STILL getting free money to sit at home and feign illness under WSBC, more than they used to earn, no time limit. They joke that they are “retired”. The governments we elect are destroying the monetary system every way they can get away with. Extreme price inflation is INEVITABLE. No one should be happy, not even those of us who hold Bitcoin, gold or real estate. Hyperinflation makes life very hard for everyone. Of course it is still much better to hold Bitcoin than to be a nocoiner when your country’s fiat currency implodes. Governments will fight Bitcoin, but they can’t get your cold storage, so load your hardware wallets with any crypto not actively staked or loaned, and don’t lend much more than 10 to 15%, with the rest safely in cold storage, is my not financial advice.

  4. This feels a lot like a tinfoil hat tbh. It is so insanely unlikely that the EU is interested in banning unregistered self hosted wallets from dealing with exchanges because they are concerned about hyperinflation.

    That only makes sense under conspiratorial mindset of protagonist syndrome.

  5. Guys, the salivating over stuff like this that ruins peoples lives is cringe af. And btw, BTC has yet to decouple from other asset classes. If the economy crashes, inflation spirals and the stock market plunges, guess what? That’s also bad for BTC.

    Someday, I believe it will act independently, if not inversely to the market. But we are not there yet.

    Stop cheerleading the financial apocalypse.

  6. I believe it. With the massive amount of stimulus money, people wanting to get paid more.. will lead to everything getting a big price bump. Only the poor will get poorer.

  7. The food and energy prices have gone up mainly because of the war. Ukraine produces 11% of the world’s wheat supply and Germany depends heavily on Russian gas. Of course you see high inflation numbers because of that, but this doesn’t mean we enter hyperinflation right now. The increase of money supply was huge over the last years, but not to an extend where it will spiral out of control in a short period of time.

  8. So I can’t send my BTC from an exchange to a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger?

    It’s not possible anymore now? Can someone please explain this to me? Thank you!

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