“Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.” – Jack Dorsey

“Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.” – Jack Dorsey

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  1. For those who haven’t looked at the M2 money supply of USD since last year:

    M2 up 34% since 1st of March 2020.

    34% of all the USD that ever existed were printed in the last 19 months.

    edit: yes I know, very shallow explanation from me but for those who havent seen it and are claiming that this M2 supply doesn’t matter in terms of inflation, may I present to you this massive coincidence:

    edit 2: [for those who aren’t aware that the method to calculate inflation was changed in 1980](
    The macro trend is not downwards, its simply been changed in order to make it look like it is.

  2. The magic with fiat supply is that it can be arbitrarily reduced just as it is expanded. I don’t think situations are as dire as people would lead you to believe. Either way, bitcoin and crypto as a whole are a good hedge against inflation, regardless of how extreme it will be.

  3. Hyperinflation definition says 600-1000% inflation per year. I don’t think it is the right word. I am expecting 5-20% inflation. Our (US) Fed is too political to raise rates right now but they cant be that stupid to get us to 600%. At least I hope so.

  4. Remember it took 2.5-3 years for Weimar Germany to collapse after the end os WWI.
    How people CAN’T see this happening is crazy. Everything is increasing in price from food to gas to electricity and water – while places are also running out of stuff like ketchup and onion rings and milk. Everyone’s cards are maxed out, students are an avg of 6 mos behind on loan payments and no help is coming. It could get really, really bad.

  5. Inflation benefits debtors, the biggest are governments and their benefactors, corporate America. Asset holders (rich) get richer.

    Non-asset holders (poor and middle class get poorer) So yes, inflation is coming because it’s beneficial to the ruling class.

    Bitcoin is the exit.

  6. Isn’t the high inflation at the moment in basic goods mostly driven by disruption to the supply chain? Also we know from history, when a lot of people die off very suddenly, wages for the bottom tend to go up, because there is now a imbalance in the workforce.

  7. I think all of us believe it will happen at some point, slowly, but to say that hyperinflation is happening is a very general statement. Where is it happening? Certainly, in some countries. But I think the US audience is not feeling HYPER-inflation. Even if inflation continues around 5% a year for the next few years, I don’t know if I’d categorize that as “hyperinflation”.

    Either way, BTC is the answer to any level of fiat inflation.

  8. The thing with crypto is that its built on several resource systems like electricity, internet and hardware in order to exist. Also while it seems cryptocurrency is the most secure form of currency, it can be attacked and manipulated non directly.

  9. The super-rich leverage their position by influencing the economy to further enrich themselves — in this instance, the head of a media empire.

    What gain does Dorsey get by warning you? Do you think that he’s on *your side*?

  10. The best way to avoid hyperinflation is for the world to accept cryptocurrency because it is the only way to keep a balance and all profiting economies. Crypto projects are now trying to keep every sphere of finance away from the hands of the government. Blockbank is now adding a Bank into its CeFi and DeFi app that will help users transact with fiats and other crypto assets. With all this innovation cryptocurrency will be independent.

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