I agree with… Ted Cruz?

I agree with… Ted Cruz?

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  1. tldr; Sen. Ted Cruz has proposed a bill that would prohibit the Federal Reserve from issuing a central bank digital currency directly to individuals. The bill is similar to a bill introduced in the House in January that would prevent the Fed from issuing direct-to-consumer CBDCs. Cruz said a CBDC could be used as a “financial surveillance tool” by the federal government.

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  2. People can have clearly opposing values and beliefs but still share similar opinions related to specific topics not at the core of those values and beliefs.

    It is important to be able to be objective and ‘let the best idea win’, but also not be so shocked you share an opinion with someone you have to bring it up and introduce ‘side taking’ to the conversation and derail it (or perpetuate it if already introduced previously).

    Or be so surprised you end up giving too much credit to someone and overly promote that “one time they were right”.

  3. There are many Rs that make sense, too bad ‘big tech’ doesnt let you hear them, and only shows you their gaffs.
    Keep voting blue reddit. Im sure just one more try.

  4. Look guys… I love crypto… but as a Texan. In Ted Cruz’s area… the man is an absolute shit monger. Nothing he does doesn’t benefit him. That’s the long and short of it.

  5. They should make a CBDC that is a back end settlement layer between themselves and entities. Then they can regulate stablecoins and force them to hold this CBDC as collateral – which actually makes stablecoins insanely attractive because they can be easily publicly audited.

    Banks can implement this layer between themselves to provide near instant customer transfers between on-network banks. Hell even merchants can

  6. Am I the only one who wonders if a US CBDC would actually accelerate adoption of other decentralized cryptocurrencies? Pretty quickly the hypothetical US CBDC would only be used 1) to receive wages from employers, which W-2 income payments are already the best tracked transactions anywhere, and 2) to pay taxes and fees on that and other forms of income and other direct interactions with the government, which of course is also inherently tracked by the government, it being a party to those transactions.

    The fact that the US CBDC would be inherently monitored would only push everyone to use any other non-CBDC that the government can’t surveil – for all other transactions not involving the government.

    And so the US CBDC would only be used when interacting with the government and the rest of society’s transactions adopt anything else. This seems like a good thing and what cryptocurrency supporters want to have happen anyway. A US CBDC would only accelerate that happening, wouldn’t it?

    And, isnt there a possibility a US CBDC could make certain governmental functions more efficient? Isn’t that a good thing?

    Or… Could be wrong, I’m sure y’all will tell me 🙂 TIA!

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