I am a small-time miner turned Bitcoin millionaire. Hodled for 10 years. AMA

I started mining in summer 2011 to make a quick buck. I managed to mine 350+ BTC even though I only had 5 GPUs running at the peak of my operation. I sold enough to cover my expenses and make a few thousand dollars of profit but held the rest. I sold a few thousand dollars worth each year since the last bull run to pay some bills but still had 97% of my stack at the beginning of this year. I sold a lot more this year to buy a house, average price ~$55k/BTC.

Here is a screenshot of ONE of my Trezors: [](


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  1. Thanks for doing this! What were your decision points for taking some off the table? Did you consider selling at certain points or was it driven by a need for fiat? I am Hodling but am curious as to how to take a bit off periodically. Thanks!

  2. what do you do now that you are free and independent? would like to achieve the goal of not having to go to work. So would like to know how do you spend your day. Are you happier than before?

  3. Thanks for this! Very interesting. Congrats on your success!

    I would have thought you could mine more that early, but obviously not. So, you built a rig with 5 GPU’s in mid-2011? When and how did you discover bitcoin? What finally moved you to start mining?

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