I Bought A Pizza with BITCOIN ⚡️ in Prague

I Bought A Pizza with BITCOIN ⚡️ in Prague

I Bought A Pizza with BITCOIN ⚡️ in Prague from Bitcoin

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  1. I wonder if these cashiers ever get sick of bitcoin youtubers taking selfie videos of them buying a pizza…in my mind I picture a line of YouTubers with selfie sticks just waiting

  2. bUt LiGhTnInG iS bRoKen, YoU mUsT wAiT fOr It To SeTtLe On LaYeR oNe! – what an actual shitcoiner said to me on reddit the other day.


    No, nobody waits. Nobody does that.

  3. Not sure of the video date, but I apparently have been living with peasant pizza. 50,000 Sats for a pie today is a $30 pizza. At my lower end haunts $15-$18 gets a really solid large.

  4. 8 seconds is still too long. Tap and pay card transactions are done in 3 seconds.

    Doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’ve got a long queue of customers, those 8 seconds will feel like 8 minutes

  5. Can anybody tell how does an owner of a place deals with taxation and all the administration stuff whenever gets paid in bitcoing? I mean, it’s not Salvador, where BTC is a legally accepted currency, in Czechia the CZK is. Anyone?

  6. Lightning txns would only be useful if you’re a regular for that pizza place. Wouldn’t both PATRON and OWNER have to allocate collateral to the lightning channel to trade? If I’m not mistaken…

  7. VEGAN? Aaaaarrrgh! You shouldn’t eat that shit it has aborted human tissue in it which is where the seemingly ‘lovely’ flavour comes from… for real. Not joking. Great job with the Bitcoin though.

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