I coded a Bitcoin DCA script for Kraken!

Buy Bitcoin as often as possible with this script. It readjusts itself after every buy order, has to option to withdraw to a private wallet, buys for the very cheap kraken conditions and always uses the minimum order size as often as possible.

Feedback is very welcome! I’m using this since some days and buy 0.0001 BTC every two hours! 🙂 The more you deposit, the more frequent the buy orders!

You define a date on which you usually deposit FIAT into your Kraken account and it will calculate how much orders it will be able to do to void your FIAT in exactly a month and spread them equally over time (as much as possible… is adapts itself to price fluctuations). This means, that if the price of bitcoin doubles tomorrow and the script calculated 100 orders until end of month, it will adjust it to 50 and drop the frequency of buy order by half, obviously. All for free and on the fly!


Feedback very welcome!

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  1. Very cool! Not a big fun of generating API keys but I’ve always wondered how come most exchanges don’t have something like this already implemented since it’s useful for their DCA clients and good business for them on the fees, however low. Perhaps u/KrakenSupport sees this and buys your code 😀

  2. This is great.! You should do a disposal version also (even though we should never sell, it would be great for those times when you need to.. say over a day/week/month etc)

  3. I’ve done the same with the Coinbase Pro API that I’ve been using for a couple years. Been meaning to clean up the code and make it more accessible for the average person to use but I’m too lazy.

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