I don’t understand why everybody is not over-hyped about AGI and at this point I’m too afraid to ask (no-shill post, tech discussion welcomed)

Hi fellow crypto-enthousiasts ๐Ÿ™‚

**Disclaimer**: not trying to *shill* anything, just curious and looking for a discussion on the blockchain&AI possibilities. I do **not** own any AGI.

I discovered AGI (Singularity) just at the end of their ICO back in 2018. I wanted to buy (huge FOMO) but didn’t have anything to invest… luckily! It crashed soon after launching and never really recovered.



The project seems fascinating, though :

From what I understood, the main idea is to connect AIs so they can “talk” to each other and resolve problems that they were not programmed to resolve.For example, AI 1 is asked something but doesn’t know how to answer. AI 1 goes to the Singularity network and finds AI 2 which can answer (for money). AI 1 gives some AGI tokens to AI 2 so AI 2 can resolve the problem.


**Official description** (from website) : *SingularityNET lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale. The worldโ€™s first decentralized AI network has arrived.*


[It blew my mind.]( I don’t think it really works right now, but to me the possibilities seem amazing.

So why isn’t everybody over-hyped by this? Did I miss something?

I have no intentions to buy/sell at this point, not trying to create hype so I can sell or whatever, I’m legit curious why I feel like no-one is excited by this. It looks on paper like the most amazing project on blockchain

Cheers ya’all and long live cryptos! The future is here, old man.


Official Singularity website : [](


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  1. I’ll speak subjectively, but as a small bag AGI holder.

    I bought into this because of the Cardano partnership and watching Ben on the Rogan show, this guy is the grandfather of AI research which is really cool.

    The general gist of it is basically an AI marketplace, where you can buy AI tasks using Singularity and I suppose somehow these tasks get executed.

    This sounds awfully similar to GOLEM, where users running GOLEM software act as a distributed render farm for 2D and 3D animation / rendering. The problem with GOLEM is that it just never took off and the price wasn’t as competitive against traditional render farms.

    What could separate Singularity is if they have the market cornered on a central hub to buy AI services, that would make the token extremely powerful and undervalued.

    However, if something already exists then I fear it will go down the GOLEM route of obscurity.

  2. I love the project and am invested, but I wonder how large the market for adoption is. The key thing a good project can do in my eyes is create demand for the token and I’m not seeing that pull yet for AGI.

    Their ideas are great though.



What do you think?

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