I found a chat log of me and my friend talking about this new thing called Bitcoin from 2011. You guys might find it amusing.


I used to pay my bills by playing online poker and selling game chips online, and when Full Tilt poker got shut down out of nowhere by the government, I and a lot of other people got screwed over. So I was looking for alternative ways to play poker on sites and exchange money for it with people. That led me to find out about this new thing called bitcoins, and a site called betco in where you could play for them.

Given what I knew about economics at the time and my political leanings, it seems like it clicked in my mind pretty quickly. I also kept all my Yahoo messenger conversations since I used it for my online business, and I got access to that archive after all these years, and it happens to contain all my conversations about Bitcoin as well, including me showing other people how to use it to pay me, etc.

I’ve had a decent history with it, I did a radio journalism story on it called “The New Money,” to introduce people to it etc. Had Bitcoin in some amounts at various times from freeroll Bitcoin poker sites and doing business with them but never kept them (I knew Mt Gox was shady and didn’t leave anything on there). I had plans at multiple times to buy a significant amount of them for years, not to profit but just because I liked Bitcoin itself so much, but couldn’t spare the funds until a couple years ago. It turns out when I was searching for this yesterday that I even still have the Bitcoin client file from 2011, haha. Maybe it can mine some cheap coins for someone.

Someone told me I should post some of this stuff. I wasn’t sure if anyone else would find it interesting.

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  1. Ok ok, I’ll do the math.


    * 07/05/2011 BTC was $12.80 each.
    * $1000 USD at $12.80 per coin gets you 78.125 BTC.
    * Today BTC is $60,407.90 .
    * 60,407.90 x 78.125 = $4,719,367 and 19 cents.


    So nearly 5 million Dollarydoos in 10 years. Or $500,000 a year if you want to look at it like that.

  2. I may not have gotten in early when I looked at it in 2012 thinking about buying weed, but I am happy I dumped all my money into it as it came back and hit a new all time high. I am triple decker money bro doug,. BEtter than just sitting here watching it go up and feeling like a loser. I saw the chart. The chart told me things into my brain. I spent all my moeny on this crap. Now rich. huh

  3. As an online poker player (hobbyist, not a professional) who went through “Black Friday” with money on Full Tilt / PokerStars and its aftermath, we got introduced to crypto earlier than most in the US. At this point, I’ve made more holding crypto to use on “grey area” offshore poker sites than actually on poker.

  4. I had a conversation with a friend where I told him I could pay him in Bitcoins to avoid the high Paypal fees back in early 2010s. He said no because his father told him it’s a scam.

    I brought it up again during the 2017 bull run and he said it’s a scam.

    Sometimes, you just can’t change perspective.

  5. Have you checked all your old wallets? Way back when there were wallets that didn’t have an autofee feature (could’ve been the norm, don’t remember). I remember opening an old wallet and finding about $200-300 worth of “fee leftovers”. Definitely worth the time to check :P.

  6. It’s not me, but I still feel so bad… If anyone held BTC for 10 years I won’t believe it, when you see you bought it at 60c and now it’s over a $ I’m sure anyone would have sold them xD

    Really, I need to know if anyone held this long…

  7. Thanks for sharing that. It is interesting. I mean, hindsight is 20/20 and it’s only clear looking back. Do post more stuff. Would love to see snippets from the past and how it was actually the foundation that we have today.



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