I got scammed on and I’m worried because I uploaded my driver’s license info.

Last night I was a complete idiot and fell for a scam in which the guy asked me to give him money through []( Basically he claimed he was a representative from Valve who said my Steam account got falsely banned, and in order to prove my innocence I had to “verify my purchases” by sending him money as bitcoin.

He linked me to [](, then gave me his email and wallet info to input, and then the website proceeded to ask for a pic of the front and back of my driver’s license info and a selfie before I paid. Fortunately I was able to call my bank and have my account reset so that the scammer wouldn’t use that new info (plus the bank may have had the transactions cancelled, but idk), but I’m worried about my driver’s license info being up on the site.

Does anyone who has purchased bitcoin on []( know if the user has access to that driver’s license info on their []( account, or is that simply just a way for the site to verify the purchase?? Please let me know as this has been stressing me out for the past two days. I know I’m probably gonna get comments saying that I was stupid to fall for this and rightly so, but I would really like to get some answers so that I can take the proper precautions. Thanks!

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  1. I’m ashamed to admit that my initial reaction to this was similar to all the other “WTF” comments, but then I realized that this is always going to be a major obstacle to any sort of mainstream adoption and use.

    OP is at least capable of self-reflection, but the rest of us condescending fucks can’t get out of our own way. Chew on that shit.

    Sorry, OP, but hopefully you will carry the lesson with you and be all the better for it, bud. Best wishes, don’t be a stranger 👍

  2. Hold up, you think a customer service rep from Steam is going to ask you for bitcoin via a third party website to unban your steam account?


    I’m sorry, but I still honestly don’t understand how people can be that stupid or gullible. The spectrum of stupidity in the world is truly wide and breathtaking.

    As for your license as long as the site is legit then you have no worries, they just got you to send them money via a legit site. It sounds like you signed up and put your driving license in for the purpose of unbanning your steam account which if true is again why we as a species cannot progress as fast as we should be.

    There must be an award you can get.

  3. Wow. How do people fall for obvious scams like this.

    Sorry OP but this one is on you. If it helps though your info is safe if you used

    The site is legitimate and while I wouldn’t use it for obvious reasons, they will not share your data with anyone

  4. I have a question regarding your Steam account being hacked. How did you recover the account? And how do you think the scammer got your info to hack on the first place?

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