I got tired of everyone asking me about Bitcoin, and spending hours explaining it to them, so I decided to write an “ultimate beginners guide to cryptocurrency”. Would love your feedback/suggestions.

This article covers what bitcoin is, how to buy it, what crypto interest platforms are, how to use them, how to mitigate your risk intelligently, and has a bunch of extra sources for diving deeper down the rabbit hole.

Please keep in mind, this article is specifically written for early majority types—financially well off people who are not looking to change the world (like most of us) but instead just to protect their money in the face of infinite QE and zero interest rates savings.

There is an infinite amount of stuff written for people like us, and if the early majority cared, they would already be reading it.

Thus, diving deep in to things like mining, or “ending the fed”, or hammering ad infinitium “not your keys not your coin” is not what I’m going for.

With that said, would love to hear your feedback and any improvements/corrections, and feel free to (if you think its any good) share with your friends who you too are tired of explaining Bitcoin to as well 😛

[The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency (Everything You Need to Know to Hedge Against Inflation with Crypto)](

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