I have been spending my lumens(XLM) as a currency lately, and it feels great to use it making me long for its adoption globally

Lately, I have been using lumens to pay for:

– doctor’s appointments
– online shopping
– POS shopping 🛍 I bought an Apple Watch S6 for 1500 lumens lmfao
– purchasing food online

All this is possible through Wirex card. Lumens get exchanged directly for fiat when you use the card.

Wirex and Stellar are both strong partners and the cryptoback for using Wirex is paid thru WXT (Wirextoken) — an asset issued on Stellar.

In addition, they are planning to launch more products with this partnership but the main purpose is to reach global adoption of cryptocurrency for payments.

**I have also used Stellar product called [COINQVEST]( to accept crypto payments.** It is the best out there. You can accept lumens(XLM), BTC, and ETH and settle them as cryptos or in fiat.

COINQVEST can be easily integrated into your website, WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magenta as well as an API for web apps. Well, you can actually freaking use it even if you don’t have a website too as they offer self-hosted checkout.

What is more? **You will be able to compute your taxes easily as COINQVEST has an in-built tax tools.**

*Seriously, Tesla should fucking accept XLM. Did Elon not get the memo about our mighty shiny lumens?* If only he knew it was stellar!

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  1. Just to let you guys know (I’ll probably make a full post about this later) but I’m creating an XLM-Reddit moons atomic swap service which should be live in a few days. Just another little addition and way to use your XLM!

  2. I have been thinking about that for a while. XLM at the moment, looks like a lot of coins might look like when adoption is bigger. Not that much volatility, low fees, easy(ish) to use.
    Maybe what we see in XLM now is the future of cryptos.



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