I have made some improvements based on your feedback to the Binance trading algo I shared with you guys yesterday, the one that analyses the price of all the coins on Binance

I’m happy that many of you had a lot of great feedback for the my latest Binance trading algo. The bot is able to analyse how volatile every coin on Binance is and place a trade when during a strong bullish movement .

Some of you even tried the bot out and I am grateful for your feedback. The main issue that I noticed in your comments is the fact that the algorithm doesn’t store the coins properly once it buys / sells them.

So I have made some changes to the code and algo will now store all the coins bought through the bot in a local file, and then completely remove them from the file once they are sold due to Take Profit or Stop Loss. I have also added warning in case you’re using the mainnet.

You guys also came up with a few other amazing suggestions that I’ve noted down and will work towards implementing them:

* Find a way to analyse the current change in volume of each coin for a better buy signal
* Add a Trailing stop loss
* Save all Trading activity for reports and testing
* Make it work with Coinbase and Kucoin

In case you want to try out the improved version, here is the GitHub repo:


Step by step guide is available here, but the code here is a little updated, so you can follow the guide but please refer to the GitHub repo for the most updated code:


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  1. That’s an amazing turnaround on pumping out an update, pure beast mode. You are too good for this world.
    Will definitely give this a try.
    On another note, would there be a way to set up a bot that works off of new listings being announced on exchanges? There always seems to be bit of a price rise when a coin goes live on coinbase for instance.

  2. After I got the initial version working today and figuring out how to get it working on Kucoin, I took a break and saw your post. Unbelievable. Hero! Making this for Kucoin saves me a week. Thanks

  3. Hey man, really appreciate your work on this – it looks awesome. I’ve got it running right now in spot test.. gonna sound like a total idiot question but how do I check on results/% gains as this thing goes on? Never used testnet and I get a page that says “<html><body><h2>404 Not found</h2></body></html>” when I go to [](, I’m sure I’m dumb, but thought I’d ask.. thanks lol

  4. Great stuff, my man. You are an absolute legend, and I’ve said that time and time again.

    Would love to see someone giving feedback on their use of this man’s good hard work. I for one am clueless on how to use these, but really interested to see how it all works out.

  5. I’ve just had a quick look at the “How to code…” article and had a thought. Would it be better to create OCO orders and let Binance do the work of filling and cancelling them? This would mean you would somehow have to query what orders are currently open on Binance rather than remembering, and I have no idea if that’s possible with the Binance python client.



    Also, this would take profit (or loss) if the value blips over (or under) the set points, rather than only if it’s over the point after 5 minutes.

  6. I have never invested in Crypto in my life, and only started doing a bit of research yesterday when I stumbled upon your initial post. Is this something I’d need a decent bit more knowledge to use successfully? A bit overwhelmed by it all!



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